Song 11 / #GBR2 – UK

Song title: It Doesn’t Matter Anyway

Music by: Andrew Mendelson

Lyrics by: Andrew Mendelson

Artists: The Quirks

Listen to ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anyway’ here:

An entrant in various (dis)guises since 2014, sometimes with, but often pitched against, Jim Brook, Andrew Mendelson’s song articulates the echoing void of working from home during a pandemic, trying to keep a ship afloat whilst everyone else seemed to be intent on proving this was their Churchill moment.

The Quirks, having risen from the ashes of The Jet Set Junta, make their debut here with L.B. (Link) Harrison on vocals. The rest of the band were in the room at the same time.

It Doesn’t Matter Anyway

Hush, I think they’re gone, left alone

I think they must have gone away

There’s no sound, no-one around

It doesn’t matter anyway

I don’t hear them anymore

No-one knocking on my door

So, I don’t care, all that fuss 

The politics and fighting

It’s all the same usual stuff

Changing? Well it might be

It’s been that kind of year

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