Song 13 / #GBR3 – UK

Song title: Song for Raymond

Music by: Andrew Boyes

Lyrics by: Andrew Boyes

Artist: Andrew Boyes

Listen to ‘Song For Raymond’ here:

Hi, I’m Andrew from the UK, representing the home nation of Scotland.

This year, I decided that I would submit a song that is particularly poignant for me at this time. 

I was adopted as a baby. I had a perfectly lovely upbringing and didn’t really think anything of being adopted until I had grown up and our first son was born. Since that time, I’ve had a yearning to be in contact my birth mother. With help, I did manage to track her down, but it turned out that she didn’t feel able to meet me. Raymond was the name she gave me when I was born. I wrote this song for that little baby. 

The picture you can see is of Raymond just after he was given up by his mother to go to his adoptive family who named him Andrew. 

In June of this year, I got a call to say that my birth mother had died. She’s left Raymond and me for good now and, I guess, there’s nothing left to say.

Song for Raymond

Who am I, oh, where am I?

I just don’t know where I belong.

Woke up one day, and you were gone.

How could you leave me on my own?

I’m all alone.

How could you leave me, 

When you know that I’m your son?

How could you leave me?

Do you know just what you’ve done?

How could you leave me?

I think about you every day.

How could you leave me?

I guess there’s nothing left to say.

And since that day, I’ve never known

Just who I am, where I belong.

I’ve drifted through my empty life.

You’ll never know just what you’ve done to me.

I’ve got to make you see.

How could you leave me…?

How could you leave me…?

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