Song 17 / #PRT1 – Portugal

Song title: March for Peace

Music by: Nuno Mexia

Lyrics by:

Artist: Nuno Mexia (orchestral piece)

Listen to ‘March for Peace’ here:

I started composing classical music about 8 years ago, after I retired, when I was about 64. 

This March I have written about 1 month ago, and I’ve dedicated it to Peace in our world, because I believe that music is a very effective way to convey peace, brotherhood, love, tolerance, freedom and equality between all creatures, values I strongly believe in and I have always fought for. 

I have chosen a March because normally people associate a March to something martial, military, warlike, but my March is the opposite, is a hymn to Peace, tranquility and harmony,  where riffles, bombs, bloodshed and killing have no place in it. How happy would I be if one day I could see people marching peacefully along the streets with flowers, hugs, kisses and a lot of love to share at the sound of my March. Will one day my March become a symbol of Peace? I don’t know, but I sincerely hope so. We have too many wars, too much intolerance, and too much violence in the present world. It is time to unite all our forces, holding hands in friendship, no matter what their color might be, white, black, brown our yellow, to stop all these hardships that affect so many millions of people around the globe, and start marching for long-lasting PEACE!!!

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