Song 20 / #DEU3 – Germany

Song title: Tomorrow Never Comes

Music by: Janneck Schmacke

Lyrics by: Janneck Schmacke

Artist: Janneck Schmacke

Listen to ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ here:

My name is Janneck Schmacke and I’m 22 year old. This is my second participation after last year’s “Heaven Made Me Knowing You”. It has always been a dream for me to create my own songs because music has always been the most important thing in my life. Even though usually I’m not a too emotional person, music is the place to free all my emotions, usually as a listener. In this case as a musician I tried to work all my feelings into the music, which was more or less a new thing for me as I usually write fun songs rather.

“Tomorrow Never Comes” is the most personal song I have ever worked on. Three years ago my uncle surprisingly died after a heart attack. He was probably the fun- niest guy I ever knew and the only family member who would not start an argu- ment because of every little thing. Even though we only met around twice a year because he lived far away from my home, we had a very close relation. When I was a kid he was the one who always played with me, no matter how stupid my ideas were, while all the other family members told me to ask later again. In any game he was as ambitious as me and I loved how he never let me win on purpose but always took it seriously instead. Sadly, he was living a very unhealthy lifestyle (‘like there’s no tomorrow’ – that’s how the title came about) and never took enough care of himself. When he died, my family never really got together again. Usually I get over things pretty well but in this case I’m still thinking about him a lot. One night I couldn’t sleep because of that and lying in my bed that melody and the line “can you tell me where you’re hiding, hiding from the best of life” came into my head and the next day I decided to build a song around it for him and who knows, maybe he’ll have a listen.

Tomorrow Never Comes

You never failed a punchline 

Still I’m smiling bout a few 

I hope they will remember 

All the joy there was in you 

No one tried to read you 

No one ever understood 

So now there’s no one making me laugh 

The way that you would 

All the time we had were minutes 

But the things you left they’ll last for another life 

Can you tell me where you’re hiding 

Hiding from the best of life 

Cause tomorrow never comes for you 

Can you tell me are you flying 

Out there in the open wide 

Your tomorrow never comes 

Yeah, tomorrow never comes for you 

Never got what you deserved

No, never found your missing piece 

Your wishes stayed unheard 

So you gave up all your dreams 

I try to carry your soul To all places that I see 

I ain’t good in being who you were 

So I just take you with me

If we just had another minute 

I’d tell you that you meant something to me

I’ll sent a rocket on it’s way

Sparkles words I need to say

Ignites whenever I roam for you

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