History of the contest

The Home Composed Song Contest (HCSC) is an annual online competition for non-professional songwriters who are also fans of the Eurovision Song Contest.

First held in 1991, the aim of HCSC is simple: to give fans who write their own songs the opportunity to take part in a Eurovision-style contest. Their compositions go head-to-head in a friendly competition, culminating in an exciting voting presentation. The competitors also form juries who, along with the public and invited judges, decide the eventual winner of the competition.

Over the years, 33 different countries have been represented in the competition, from Portugal to Russia and most points in between. As the contest approaches its thirtieth edition, we believe that it is the longest-running pan-European song contest other than Eurovision itself!


Enormous thanks are due to Martin Faulkner who is the official archivist for the competition and who has put a huge amount of effort into collating all the information about every single entry in the history of the competition, together with almost all lyrics and MP3s of the entries. Warning! Don’t visit this archive unless you have a couple of hours spare.

Last year’s winning song

Your host for the 30th Home Composed Song Contest is Andy Brook, who won the competition in October 2020, with his entry ‘The Cuckold Song. (Should’ve Done The Same As You’. Here is the music video of the song

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